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  • Atlanta Educational Article of the Month - Atlanta GA Bat Removal - About Bat Biology

Atlanta GA Bat Removal - About Bat Biology

We are experts at bat removal. We have a 100% success rate in safely and legally removing bats from buildings throughout Georgia.

About Colonizing Bats:
Bats are creatures, which usually come out at night. They are mammals, which fly, making them the only distinct mammals, which can fly. They live in dark places like caves and attics in some homes. You will notice that bats live in colonies and this means that you will find them in large groups. This is from the oldest to the youngest. They play a huge role in the chain food since they hunt for insects, and eliminate use of pesticides and improve plan growth. They are animals of the night meaning they usually come out at night, and they fly in large numbers. Bats are usually referred to as blind since they do not have good vision, during the day, but they have excellent vision at night, which they use for

  • Hunting
  • Moving from one location to the next
  • Choosing a good hiding place
  • Pollinating flowers
  • Dispersing fruits
Bats vary in color from a dark brownish to reddish look, and some have a dark brown to blackish look. This will depend on the species of bat, and location.

Bats have wings, which are connected to the limbs making them have the chance of flying. They are the only mammals, which have attained the full potential of flying. They flap their wings in order to fly. The wings of bats are very thin compared to the wings of other birds, which makes the bats have the chance of flying faster than other birds. The bats have very sharp teeth, which gives them the potential to bite and huge easily. This is very good when they are hunting hard fruits and insects, which have a hard outer cover. They have very long and narrow tongues, which give them the chance of pollinating different kinds of flowers and reach to different depths when they are hunting for food. They have very sharp and sensitive ears, which they use to get to their prey and know the direction since they do have poor visibility.

Bats mate during the spring seasons, which is ideal due to the temperate climate. Based on the environmental conditions bats can have up to three litters. The females have one offspring at a time, and will nurse them until they are adults. A bat cannot hunt or live on its own until the wings are fully developed in the adult stage. Micro-bats feed on milk when they are born until they are a few weeks old. During this stage, the mother bat will harbor food, in order to feed the young bats before they can fly and migrate to different locations.

Life cycle
The life cycle of bats starts from the inception. The mothers will become fertilized based on weather conditions, and amount of food present to sustain the mother and child. At times, during the drought period, the breeding reduces at a very alarming rate. However, when the conditions are all right the fertilization process will happen. The pregnant bat will not travel long distance during pregnancies, or after birth since they need to take care of the young bats. After birth, the mother will feed the child until it can fly and join the rest of the bats during the night hunts. This is the lifecycle of bats, which can last for a few weeks, and some can last for up to 20 years if they have provision of food. Call us for Atlanta bat removal.

Bats enjoy different forms of natural and manmade habitat. A bat will want a quite place, a dark place, and near their place of eating or hunting. In dark corners of caves, houses, and outdoor parks, you will find that bats have pitched camp. They do stay in colonies, meaning that you shall find several bats in one place.

Bats have many different food options they can take in order to survive. This is one of the reasons, why bats can survive easily in different conditions. Some common foods that bats do take include fruits, flower enactors, insects’, blood and vertebrates. They eat the grounds dwelling as well as the aerial insects for survival, thus expanding their food options.

Atlanta bats have unique behavior and this is based on their lifestyle and overall formation. They have the tendency of staying indoors during the day, but at night, they shall come out in very large numbers and they shall start hunting and looking for food. Very rarely will you find a bat flying alone. They live in colonies, and they are stronger when they work as a group. Bats behave like other mammals, which involves the struggle to survive daily, by looking for food, and playing their part in the food chain.

Importance of bats
According to research, if bats did not exist, plants will not be pollinated, there would be loads of insects which means that the flowers will not grow to reach maturity. Bats play an active role in pollination, dispersing seeds, and eliminating dangerous insects from affecting crops.

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