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  • Atlanta Educational Article of the Month - What Diseases do Skunks Carry?

What Diseases do Skunks Carry?

You shall find that many people fear the Georgia skunks since they are known to carry rabies. This is a very deadly disease when you are infected. It is paramount for one to report any case of rabies or infection from the skunks. However, you need to know that some skunks do not have the rabies, which makes them safe. Some common issues with skunks include:
• Spraying of Atlanta skunk fluid causing irritation and bad smell
• Have rabies, which end up being deadly
• Can bite and become very aggressive when they feel threatened

These are some of the major issues, which Atlanta skunks have and vital to be cautious when dealing with the skunks.

They carry rabies
According to research, it has shown that the Georgia skunks have the rabies virus. This is a very deadly disease, and once you have it, it can cause madness, and even death. You need to make sure that you undergo thorough checking when you encounter the skunks. Some pets like dogs, end up fighting with the skunks, and this leads them to have rabies. You need to take your pet for further medical assistance to eliminate the threat of rabies. Many people do not want to stay near the skunk due to the rabies factor.

They have the skunk spray
When it comes to Atlanta skunks, many people fear them since they have the filthy smell, which they spray. When the skunk fluid sprays on your body and eyes, you end up itching besides the filthy smell. Many people cannot stand this smell, and it makes them sick. This smell can last for many days on your body, car, or home. If the skunk sprays on your eyes, it ends up being infected and you need to seek instant medical assistance. Some dogs have had skunk spray on their eyes, leading to irritation on the eyes for many days.

They bite and become violent
You shall find that many Georgia skunks bite and become very silent when they are under theat. This is one way of passing the diseases from one person to the next. When the skunks bite you, they shall leave you with wounds, and at times, they become very infectious. You need to seek immediate medical attention in order to eliminate any traces of rabies or infection. It is highly advisable for one to seek vaccination in case they suspect the Atlanta skunk has rabies. Some people have skunk bites, and pets have skunk bites, which end up becoming a deadly wound when they lack sufficient medical attention.

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