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  • Atlanta Educational Article of the Month - How To get Rid of Squirrels in Atlanta GA

How To get Rid of Squirrels in Atlanta GA

How to get rid of squirrels is one of the biggest questions of many people especially in the western part of the world. Squirrels are cute and so adorable to look at but, once they attack, they can bring real havoc to your place. The things that you have been working hard for will be destroyed in less than a day. Yes, squirrels can be very devastating. They easily find ways to destroy your garden, your house, your profits and even your savings. You, getting rid of them means saving yourself from spending a fortune for repairs and loss.

Dangers brought by squirrels
As cute as they are, squirrels are dangerous pests in your property. They have the very ability to find weakness in your house or farm. They should be irradiated before they can cause too much damage in your life.

The dangers that squirrels can bring are:
1. Profit loss. They love to eat your veggies in your farm or garden. It you are a business that markets agricultural crops and other products, be prepared for their invasion. They can snack up your goods and left them half eaten. The bad thing about squirrels, they do not finish a single crop. They just taste a little bit then, transfer to another crop. This will leave bites on crops and vegetables. 2. Fire. They love to munch on electrical wirings. They eat up the insulator covering of the electrical wires leaving an exposed live wire. This live wire can easily ignite if touched by something that is easily combustible. Do not underestimate these little devils. They can cause you and your love ones’ lives with just a single bite. 3. Damage the structure of your house. Squirrels love the dig for holes on your gutters and roofs. They just do that to find shelter after munching the fruits in your garden. If too much digging and breaking had been done, you house will have too many leaks that needs major repair. And you know how much fortune it will cause you to repair all of these. It might wipe your savings.

Ways to keeps squirrels away:
Having read the abovementioned dangers brought by squirrels in Atlanta GA, you are now ready to combat with them. But, before you start your move, always remember that squirrels are:

  • Tiny. They can hide in small places that reach difficult to reach
  • Fast. You can’t catch them that easy
  • Intelligent. They know how to get away with your traps
  • Fertile. Like most rodents, they propagate fast
So, how then will you solve this problem?
There are different ways to attack the squirrels. Your actions will depend on what place they are infesting. This could be your ceiling and attic or farm and garden. You have to out-smart your little enemies. Otherwise, all of your traps will fail.

How to get rid of squirrels in your house:
Squirrels are stubborn beings and you cannot let them out of your house easily if they find your house a secure place to live. So, before they develop the feeling to contentment living with you, you have to immediately get rid of them.

These are the things that you have to do:
1. Use sprays. Pepper sprays are effective and other squirrels’ sprays. However, this method is short-lived. You have to find a supplemental way to irradiate them before they keep coming back again.

2. Flood their burrows. Although Atlanta squirrels can tolerate presence of water. However, when their homes are flooded, they easily go away from it. You assignment now is keeping their favorite space with water so that they will not come back again. But, be diligent on keeping your eye on other possible places where they will move.

3. Moth balls are effective. If you can stand the smell, you may use mothballs. Squirrels hate the smell of this repellant agent. They shoo away to places where you put them. It is best to place mothballs on holes of ceilings and attics.

4. Frequency sound is helpful device. Frequency sounds are great for the early part of your installation. They do not only repel Georgia squirrels but also opossums, rats and cockroaches. However, in time, the squirrels get used to the frequency and they learn how to live with it.

5. Ask for help. There is no better way than asking professionals for help. You may contact local pest control agencies near you.

Squirrels are dangerous little pests that can cause huge damage in your business, home and garden. You have to keep them away as soon as you spotted them invading your property. Otherwise, you will suffer a great deal of loss. Never underestimate their capability. Be smart. Do not be out-smarted. Do what it takes to keep them away.

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