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  • Atlanta Educational Article of the Month - How to Identify Opossum Tracks?

How to Identify Opossum Tracks?

The Atlanta mammal is having its nearly 103 or more species and is often found in North American region along with its roots in South America. Its unspecialized ecology, changing eating habits and reproductive traits make it successful survivors even in dissimilar places and circumstances. They differ in size and can be of a small mouse up to a pet cat, having semi-omnivores attitude have small teeth and no jaw in rear foot. Its length ranges from 21 to 36 inches whereas weigh 4 to 15 lbs have grey fur, round black eyes, hairless long tail and four paws. Their foot prints, feces etc. are the vital source regarding tracking their tracks.

The possible places where an Atlanta opossum could be found are sources of water like springs etc., along with this they can adopt multiple habitats and can even be found in houses as well. An opossum has a foot print o nearly 2 inch width at front and slight larger at back and once recorded with maximum concentration will never become unforgettable that can be recorded best early in the morning.

On its front feet five bulb like toes can be seen which are equal in length and spread like rays of sun. On rear there are four fingers where as a thumb which is towards body can also be viewed, moreover it looks like an infant child foot. Its common ways of walking is slow and run like having a distance of 9 inch between the front and rear feet while tortuous indexation between feet can also be observed. During its walk its front and rear feet often overlap with each other hence the tracks are doubled in size and track looks like the track of a bigger animal. The left front Georgia opossum track possess inner toe or thumb which can be easily viewed on left side with the vividly seen five toes while the right rear track has a thumb which is opposite to the toes and points towards body. This trait differ it from the rest of mammals of its habitat as it is the only mammal which has the thumb pattern like this and with the help of this unique feature they hold the things and branches of trees with much ease.

The right rear track has a unique identification that is it has no grazes instead of other tracks whereas the middle toes are arranged subsequent to other in a single direction which gives it a unique and beautiful look. Its foot prints can be clearly viewed in mud than in sand where it gives clear impressions than sand.

The distinguishing factor in case of Atlanta opossum is its rear foot thumb which is at right angle to the rest of fingers and points towards its body. This thumb with its unique figure can be viewed easily if other foot prints are not visible clearly while the overlapping of its foot prints is also another unique feature of it to be identified.

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